Carrie finds that she actually enjoys her new job, which is something Doug can't understand. Doug is having a hard time relating to Carrie now that she is happy going to work every day, when it used to be that comiserating on their common dislike of their jobs was one of their connections. Carrie is thrilled that her new bosses are asking for her opinions and she feels valued at work for the first time ever. Not wanting to make Doug feel alienated, she goes to great lengths to hide from him just how much she is committed to her new job. Doug decides to get even by finding ways he can move up within IPS in the hopes of finding more joy and excitement at work for himself.

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It is referred to by...
Ice Cubed part of The King of Queens Season 7

The King of Queens:
Season: 7 / Episode: 19

Ice Cubed

This Television Episode refers to Dugan Groupie part of The King of Queens Season 7
While sitting in the living room in the home of an IPS delivery customer, Doug has a flashback to several moments with Arthur, after hearing a conversation between the husband and wife regarding the wife's father moving in with them. One of the flashbacks is from the episode 'Dugan Groupie' when Arthur tries to scare the hiccups out of Doug.

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The King of Queens Season 7

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The King of Queens
7:1 Lost Vegas Oct 27, 2004
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7:4 Entertainment Weakly Nov 24, 2004
7:5 Name Dropper Dec 1, 2004
7:2 Dugan Groupie Dec 3, 2004
7:6 Off Track...Bedding? Dec 8, 2004
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