Three weeks after the events of season 2, Raylan is recovering from his gunshot injury. Boyd visits Raylan in the U.S. Marshal's office to answer some of Raylan's questions about missing marijuana. Boyd attacks Raylan after Raylan says Boyd's demand that Raylan give Dickie to Boyd is ridiculous. Boyd is taken into custody and relays orders through Ava, who has to deal with Devil's insubordination. Dixie Mafia associate Emmitt Arnett (Steven Flynn) is paid a visit by Detroit enforcer Quarles (Neal McDonough), who demands repayment for a failed real estate investment. Arnett sends Fletcher Nix (Desmond Harrington) to come up with some money to pay back the Detroit mob by robbing a wealthy man of his watches. Nix shoots this man after stabbing his hand with an icepick. Deputy Tim recognizes the MO and drags an unwilling Raylan to question Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns) because of his experience with the Dixie Mafia and Nix's background working for Duffy's security company. Wynn denies involvement but then calls Arnett to warn him that Raylan is coming. Arnett's female secretary, secretly in league with Quarles, warms up to Raylan and reveals Arnett is arranging a meeting that night with Nix. Arnett sends a bodyguard to the meeting and Nix sends a homeless man. Separately, Quarles meets with Arnett and Arnett says he is waiting for his guy to show up with payment. Quarles says the guy isn't coming (as Quarles set him up to get busted by the Marshals), and then shoots Arnett and his secretary. Raylan meets Winona and takes her to his apartment, where Nix is waiting to kill Raylan under Arnett's orders. He recognizes Raylan as the Marshal who shot Tommy Bucks in Miami. He tries to stab Raylan with the icepick, but Raylan gets the upper hand and shoots him. Elsewhere, Boyd arrives in prison for assaulting Raylan, and he stares down a shocked Dickie as he is taken to his cell.

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Justified Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 The Gunfighter Jan 17, 2012
3:2 Cut Ties Jan 24, 2012
3:3 Harlan Roulette Jan 31, 2012
3:4 The Devil You Know Feb 7, 2012
3:5 Thick as Mud Feb 14, 2012
3:6 When the Guns Come Out Feb 21, 2012
3:7 The Man Behind the Curtain Feb 28, 2012
3:8 Watching the Detectives Mar 6, 2012
3:9 Loose Ends Mar 13, 2012
3:10 Guy Walks into a Bar Mar 20, 2012
3:11 Measures Mar 27, 2012
3:12 Coalition Apr 3, 2012
3:13 Slaughterhouse Apr 10, 2012


The Gunfighter

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