Dickie is broken out of prison by corrupt guard Ash (Todd Stashwick) and his three accomplices, with an unwilling Dewey coming along for the ride. Looking for Dickie, Raylan reaches out to Limehouse and Boyd, the latter to whom he relates a story of when a younger Arlo was knocked out by Limehouse after trying to hurt Raylan's mother. When Raylan takes down Ash, the remaining accomplices split up with the two prisoners. Dewey tries to escape, but is taken to a motel room where his captor is planning to harvest his organs. The two other captors force Dickie to call Limehouse and arrange a drop of the Bennett fortune. They take Dickie to the old Bennett store looking for the fortune. Limehouse is lying in wait and kills Dickie's captors, giving Dickie what he says is left of the fortune. Dickie refuses to take it and opts instead to wait for Raylan to show up and turn himself in. Elsewhere, wayward Crowder associate Devil is reached out to by Quarles, and he tries to get Johnny to jump ship with him. However, Johnny sets him up and Devil walks into a deadly trap set by Boyd.

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