When a Federal Marshal close to Lexington is killed on a witness protection job, Art takes a more hands-on approach in finding who's responsible. Raylan works a different angle on the case with the help of an outspoken Marshal from his past (Carla Gugino). In lockup, Boyd learns he is getting released because Raylan, who has uncovered Boyd's plot to exact revenge on Dickie, is recanting his statement about the assault. Running out of time, Boyd manages to get himself alone with Dickie, threatening to kill him unless he tells him the location of the money from the Bennett organization, a confession that is overheard by an eavesdropping prison guard. Dickie tells Boyd that Mags ran her money through Ellstin Limehouse, a crime-boss in Harlan County (Mykelti Williamson).

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Justified Season 3

# Title Air Date
3:1 The Gunfighter Jan 17, 2012
3:2 Cut Ties Jan 24, 2012
3:3 Harlan Roulette Jan 31, 2012
3:4 The Devil You Know Feb 7, 2012
3:5 Thick as Mud Feb 14, 2012
3:6 When the Guns Come Out Feb 21, 2012
3:7 The Man Behind the Curtain Feb 28, 2012
3:8 Watching the Detectives Mar 6, 2012
3:9 Loose Ends Mar 13, 2012
3:10 Guy Walks into a Bar Mar 20, 2012
3:11 Measures Mar 27, 2012
3:12 Coalition Apr 3, 2012
3:13 Slaughterhouse Apr 10, 2012