After restful post-election days in the wilderness, reality hits the Henricksons on their return to Salt Lake City. At Home Plus, Bill's attempts to bolster morale in the wake of his polygamist revelation fall on mostly deaf ears, and he faces an uphill battle for his political life even before the swearing-in. At home, he tries to assuage the concerns of his wives and kids, who face psychological—and physical—threats around town. To stem this growing tide of ill will, Bill decides to hold an open house for his 40,000 constituents, some of whom may actually show up. Alby returns from his desert exile with a newfound desire to “purify” the compound, and exact vengeance on Bill.

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Big Love Season 5

# Title Air Date
Big Love
5:1 Winter Jan 16, 2011
5:2 A Seat at the Table Jan 23, 2011
5:3 Certain Poor Shepherds Jan 30, 2011
5:4 The Oath Feb 6, 2011
5:5 The Special Relationship Feb 13, 2011
5:6 D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Feb 20, 2011
5:7 Til Death Do Us Part Feb 27, 2011
5:8 The Noose Tightens Mar 6, 2011
5:9 Exorcism Mar 13, 2011
5:10 Where Men and Mountains Meet Mar 20, 2011


That '70s Show:
Season:  7  / Episode:  11 

performed by Joshua Radin

performed by Matt Corby

performed by The Rolling Stones

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