Alby and Bill are in jail, with Bill released on bail by his wives. Frank and Lois reminisce in bed after he gives her a lethal injection. Bill is shot in the street and killed by a distraught Carl. Several months later, Barb officiates over a christening of Sarah's son, named after his late grandfather. Margene prepares to go on a missionary trip to Central America, and the wives embrace, with Bill's ghost watching them.

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Big Love Season 5

# Title Air Date
Big Love
5:1 Winter Jan 16, 2011
5:2 A Seat at the Table Jan 23, 2011
5:3 Certain Poor Shepherds Jan 30, 2011
5:4 The Oath Feb 6, 2011
5:5 The Special Relationship Feb 13, 2011
5:6 D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Feb 20, 2011
5:7 Til Death Do Us Part Feb 27, 2011
5:8 The Noose Tightens Mar 6, 2011
5:9 Exorcism Mar 13, 2011
5:10 Where Men and Mountains Meet Mar 20, 2011

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