With Alby on the run and posing an imminent threat, the Henrickson family finds itself in lockdown mode. Frazzled though not incapacitated after a near-death experience, Nicki decides to break Cara Lynn's “dependencies” by enrolling her in boarding school. Barb spars with Bill about her new church's stance on polygamy, and her commitment to the family. Lois begs Frank to rescue her from confinement; Margene vows to repay Pam for her Goji investment; Ben and Bill debate what to do about Rhonda.

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Big Love Season 5

# Title Air Date
Big Love
5:1 Winter Jan 16, 2011
5:2 A Seat at the Table Jan 23, 2011
5:3 Certain Poor Shepherds Jan 30, 2011
5:4 The Oath Feb 6, 2011
5:5 The Special Relationship Feb 13, 2011
5:6 D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Feb 20, 2011
5:7 Til Death Do Us Part Feb 27, 2011
5:8 The Noose Tightens Mar 6, 2011
5:9 Exorcism Mar 13, 2011
5:10 Where Men and Mountains Meet Mar 20, 2011