Bill urges the DA’s office to bring a murder charge against Roman, but Ray Henry is distracted by news about Nicki. Bill sends Don on a road trip to investigate a tribal “grudge” involving the casino, but learns the license hold-up may actually be due to his brother-in-law Ted – and the church document he bought from Alby. Having reclaimed her identity from Nicki, Margene decides to launch a start-up business selling bracelets. Nicki seeks refuge in her past; Sarah struggles to map out her future; Bill has a close call with the Greenes.

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Big Love Season 3

# Title Air Date
Big Love
3:1 Block Party Jan 18, 2009
3:2 Empire Jan 25, 2009
3:3 Prom Queen Feb 1, 2009
3:4 On Trial Feb 8, 2009
3:5 For Better or Worse Feb 15, 2009
3:6 Come, Ye Saints Feb 22, 2009
3:7 Fight or Flight Mar 1, 2009
3:8 Rough Edges Mar 8, 2009
3:9 Outer Darkness Mar 15, 2009
3:10 Sacrament Mar 22, 2009

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