As Bill debates what to do with Rhonda, who may or may not testify at Roman's impending trial, another potential witness, Kathy, goes underground with Joey and Wanda. Frank finds himself in a bind and at Lois' mercy, and tries to talk his way out of the predicament, though she is not moved. A revelation from Ana tests Bill's commitment, especially when he and Barb catch her in a compromising position. Margene gets disturbing personal news, but keeps her emotions in check. Barb's sister Cindy is back in town and heading up an anti-gaming committee that threatens the Henricksons' recent investments. Wanda spills a secret about Nicki's past that even Bill doesn't know, creating an instant rift and further fanning Bill's ire towards Roman. Sarah decides to attend her senior prom with Heather, with Ben and Frankie as their dates.

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Big Love Season 3

# Title Air Date
Big Love
3:1 Block Party Jan 18, 2009
3:2 Empire Jan 25, 2009
3:3 Prom Queen Feb 1, 2009
3:4 On Trial Feb 8, 2009
3:5 For Better or Worse Feb 15, 2009
3:6 Come, Ye Saints Feb 22, 2009
3:7 Fight or Flight Mar 1, 2009
3:8 Rough Edges Mar 8, 2009
3:9 Outer Darkness Mar 15, 2009
3:10 Sacrament Mar 22, 2009

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