Bill and his family test out the group-dating waters with Ana, with mixed results. Bill presses ahead with his unlikely courtship of Jerry Flute, despite a sizable expense, a crisis in Don's family, and an apparent gaffe by Margene. Barb anxiously awaits test results from the hospital, while Nicki goes to a fertility clinic already knowing the result. Scott encounters unexpected resistance from Sarah when he offers to join her in Arizona. Roman puts the squeeze on Bill in an attempt to track down Rhonda, one of his would-be accusers. Frankie reveals a surprising side when he takes Sarah and her friends to a crash pad for wayward young polygamists. Frank visits Lois with new sister wife Jodean, and ends up staying longer than expected.

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Big Love Season 3

# Title Air Date
Big Love
3:1 Block Party Jan 18, 2009
3:2 Empire Jan 25, 2009
3:3 Prom Queen Feb 1, 2009
3:4 On Trial Feb 8, 2009
3:5 For Better or Worse Feb 15, 2009
3:6 Come, Ye Saints Feb 22, 2009
3:7 Fight or Flight Mar 1, 2009
3:8 Rough Edges Mar 8, 2009
3:9 Outer Darkness Mar 15, 2009
3:10 Sacrament Mar 22, 2009

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