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The King of Queens: Van, Go / Season: 7 / Episode: 18 (00070018) (2005)

The King of Queens: Van, Go / Season: 7 / Episode: 18 (00070018) (2005) (Television Episode)
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The King of Queens

Van, Go (Television Episode)

Season: 7
Episode: 18
Production Code: 00070018

April 6, 2005
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Carrie is remodeling the office, and asks Holly to join her in a trip to Lowe's for supplies because Holly has a roomy van that would be perfect for hauling her purchases back to the house. Carrie doesn't want Holly to feel like she's being used, so she tells her that she thinks she has good decorating taste, and wants her help in choosing the right paint and decor. While shopping, Carrie is appalled at the hideous things Holly is picking out and is relieved when Holly asks if Carrie can finish shopping on her own because she has spotted an attractive man who wants her help picking out some new furnishings for his home. 
Meanwhile, Deacon and Doug are trying out a new diner for lunch. The waitress is ignoring Doug and when he tries to complain, the waitress threatens to beat him up in the parking lot when her shift is over.  
Arthur is running a gambling scheme at the house while Doug and Carrie are out, in order to raise money to go on a Senior's cruise.