Carrie has an important event for work which is held in a skybox at the ballpark. She has invited Doug, Deacon and Spence to come along to see the game. When an important client finds fault with Doug, Carrie asks Spence to pretend to be her husband. Meanwhile, Arthur is hosting a dinner party at home, but one guest is giving him grief because his life stories are much more interesting than anything Arthur can come up with.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

Dark Shadows

This Television Series is referred to by Catching Hell part of The King of Queens Season 7
At the baseball game, Spence is pretending to be Carrie's husband, after Doug causes a scene with Carrie's boss. Spence tells Carrie's boss about his 'Dark Shadows' convention, and informs her that Carrie dresses as a sexy vampire for the convention.
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It plays these songs...

Theme from New York, New York
performed by Liza Minnelli

This Song is played in Catching Hell part of The King of Queens Season 7
During Arthur's dinner party, Holly's uncle steals the show by entertaining Arthur's guests with stories about his career as a barber to celebrities. He later sits at the piano and sings the song "Theme from New York, New York" as Arthur pouts on the couch.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The King of Queens Season 7

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The King of Queens
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7:3 Furious Gorge Nov 10, 2004
7:4 Entertainment Weakly Nov 24, 2004
7:5 Name Dropper Dec 1, 2004
7:2 Dugan Groupie Dec 3, 2004
7:6 Off Track...Bedding? Dec 8, 2004
7:7 Silent Mite Dec 15, 2004
7:8 Awed Couple Jan 5, 2005
7:9 Cologne Ranger Jan 12, 2005
7:10 Domestic Disturbance Jan 19, 2005
7:11 Pour Judgement Jan 26, 2005
7:12 Gym Neighbors Feb 9, 2005
7:13 Gorilla Warfare Feb 16, 2005
7:14 Hi, School Feb 23, 2005
7:15 Deconstructing Carrie Mar 2, 2005
7:16 Black List Mar 16, 2005
7:17 Wish Boned Mar 30, 2005
7:18 Van, Go Apr 6, 2005
7:19 Ice Cubed Apr 13, 2005
7:20 Catching Hell Apr 20, 2005
7:21 Slippery Slope May 9, 2005
7:22 Buy Curious May 18, 2005