Forced to choose between saving a hospital benefactor and a teenage basketball player, Dr. Hank Lawson chooses to save both. When the benefactor dies of unforeseen complications, Hank is fired. Hank quickly goes into a tailspin, culminating in him being dumped by his fiancée (Pascale Hutton). After his brother, Evan, takes him on a trip to the Hamptons, Hank attends a party where he saves the life of a supermodel (Tamara Feldman). Later, the host of the party, a mysterious German nobleman named Boris (Campbell Scott), offers Hank his guest cottage. Hank is soon approached by various clients, including an elderly woman with a "flat tire" (Christine Ebersole) and a teenage hemophiliac (Ezra Miller) and his cyberchondriac girlfriend (Meredith Hagner). Hank, with the help of his new physician assistant, Divya, and his new girlfriend, Jill, eventually decides to remain in the Hamptons for the summer as a concierge doctor.

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Royal Pains Season 1

# Title Air Date
Royal Pains
1:1 Pilot Jun 4, 2009
1:2 There Will Be Food Jun 11, 2009
1:3 Strategic Planning Jun 18, 2009
1:4 TB or Not TB Jun 25, 2009
1:5 No Man is an Island Jul 9, 2009
1:6 If I Were A Sick Man Jul 16, 2009
1:7 Crazy Love Jul 23, 2009
1:8 The Honeymoon's Over Jul 30, 2009
1:9 It's Like Jamais Vu All Over Again Aug 6, 2009
1:10 Am I Blue Aug 13, 2009
1:11 Nobody's Perfect Aug 20, 2009
1:12 Wonderland Aug 27, 2009

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