Excited to spend quality father-stepson bonding time with Rallo, Cleveland takes Rallo to his very first magic show, where they get hired to be the opening act. Thanks to Rallo's sharp wit in the role of the puppet, Cleveland and Rallo's ventriloquist act becomes a hit. As their act gets rave reviews by fans and ventriloquist critic Graham Kensington, Rallo grows tired of Cleveland taking all the credit for their success. Not one to be taken for a dummy, Rallo proves that he is the heart of their comedic act.

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Sesame Street

Sesame Street

Date: November 10, 1969
This Television Series is referred to by Brown Magic part of The Cleveland Show Season 3
Rallo tells Cleveland that he is the one carrying their act, which upsets Cleveland. Cleveland says that Rallo is just a prop in the act, comparing Rallo to Oscar the Grouch. Cleveland says "No one remembers Oscar the Grouch" saying people only remember Oscar's puppet handler, Carroll Spinney.
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