When Jahel becomes possessed by Emmet Cole's spirit, Tess becomes undeterred from her goal of finding clues to her husband's whereabouts. And when the team discovers a tree draped in children's dolls, an old legend reminds them that the dolls ward off the "spirit of the abandoned girl." But when a crew member disappears, Tess realizes she must endure the ongoing horrors in order to reunite her family.

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The River Season 1

# Title Air Date
The River
1:1 Magus (Part 1) Feb 7, 2012
1:2 Marbeley (Part 2) Feb 7, 2012
1:3 Los Ciegos Feb 14, 2012
1:4 A Better Man Feb 21, 2012
1:5 Peaches Feb 28, 2012
1:6 Doctor Emmet Cole Mar 6, 2012
1:7 The Experiment Mar 13, 2012
1:8 Row, Row, Row Your Boat Mar 20, 2012