1Six months ago, Emmet Cole - adventurer and host of The Undiscovered Country - disappeared while on an expedition deep in the uncharted waters of the Amazon River. The fruitless search and subsequent 'memorial service' left thousands of fans in shock at the loss of their icon. But now his emergency beacon was activated and his wife Tess - who reluctantly faced reality - organizes a search party to find Emmet Cole. The team comprises of her estranged son Lincoln, who was more than ready to leave the past behind; Emmet's long-time friend and Undiscovered Country producer Clark Quietly, Magus mechanic Emilio Valenzuela and his daughter Jahel; Lena Landry, daughter of cameraman Russ Landry who disappeared along with Cole; and Captain Kurt Bryndilson, head of the expedition. But what they don't know is that this journey will take them to a place where magic comes alive and things are never what they seem. The team unleashes a ghost that terrorizes the boat and kills Jed. It tells Tess that Emmet is alive.

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The River Season 1

# Title Air Date
The River
1:1 Magus (Part 1) Feb 7, 2012
1:2 Marbeley (Part 2) Feb 7, 2012
1:3 Los Ciegos Feb 14, 2012
1:4 A Better Man Feb 21, 2012
1:5 Peaches Feb 28, 2012
1:6 Doctor Emmet Cole Mar 6, 2012
1:7 The Experiment Mar 13, 2012
1:8 Row, Row, Row Your Boat Mar 20, 2012