Walden becomes nervous when Zoey doesn't find sex appealing anymore, and he's also unhappy that she still doesn't want him to meet her young daughter. After a chat about his concerns with Alan and a subsequent Skype discussion with Zoey do nothing to set his mind at ease, an eavsdropping Berta suggets he and Zoey try her "special brownies" to spice things up. They do partake of the cannabis-enhanced treats, but Zoey ends up becoming incredibly paranoid and vanishes from the house, sending Walden on a wild goose chase to find her (he asks Jake and Eldridge for help, which they do little to provide because they're even more stoned than Zoey is). Zoey returns safely to the house, eats most of the junk food on hand, and cheerfully tells Alan she's cold towards him because she doesn't really like him. Walden brings a still-shaky Zoey home the next day, only to find her ex-husband waiting there with their kid. As Zoey and Nigel the ex have a frosty talk, Walden heads inside and immediately bonds with Zoey's daughter, who dubs him "Sir Schmidt". Nigel tells Zoey she has to take her kid for the weekend, but that turns out well when Zoey sees Walden is great with her, and they have a nice afternoon at the zoo. Amazingly, the combination of the zoo and her child being sound asleep is the aphrodisiac Zoey and Walden have been seeking. They plan a follow-up trip-to the San Diego Wildlife Center the next week to keep the sexual momentum going. Elsewhere, Jake and Eldridge remain out of it, and Alan tells Jake that he and Lyndsey have no plans to get married-strongly implying they won't repeat the mistakes that led to the existence of their sons.

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