When Carrie insists that Doug figure out how to invest their tax return check, Doug decides to buy an ice cream truck from a stranger.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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The 40-Year-Old Virgin

This Movie is referred to by Mama Cast part of The King of Queens Season 9
Carrie is showing a model home, and is surprised to find a group of actors at the house, pretending to live there as part of the sales pitch. The "Dad" tells Carrie that they were just sitting down to watch "The 40-Year-Old Virgin".
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Pop Culture Connections - Incoming

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The King of Queens:
Season:  9  / Episode:  12 
China Syndrome

This Television Episode refers to Mama Cast part of The King of Queens Season 9
Carrie tells Kelly that she screwed things up with Doug, letting him down after breaking her promise to get rid of the Manhattan apartment. Kelly reminds Carrie of the times Doug has let her down over the years, naming the time he spent their tax refund on an ice cream truck, the episode titled Mama Cast.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

The King of Queens Season 9

# Title Air Date
The King of Queens
9:1 Mama Cast Dec 6, 2006
9:2 Affair Trade Dec 6, 2006
9:3 Moxie Moron Dec 13, 2006
9:4 Major Disturbance Dec 13, 2006
9:5 Ruff Goin' Dec 20, 2006
9:6 Brace Yourself Jan 3, 2007
9:7 Home Cheapo Apr 9, 2007
9:8 Offensive Fowl Apr 16, 2007
9:9 Mild Bunch Apr 23, 2007
9:10 Manhattan Project Apr 30, 2007
9:11 Single Spaced May 7, 2007
9:12 China Syndrome May 14, 2007