When Carrie and Doug first got married, they put their names on a waiting list for an apartment in Manhattan. Doug opens a letter, all these years later, advising them that an apartment has become available. Carrie wants to move to Manhattan and buy the apartment, the only problem is what to do with Arthur. Arthur later meets a woman, and decides she is the one for him, and asks her to marry him. Now that Carrie's problem of where Arthur will live has been solved she is excited to move to the city to fulfill her lifelong dream. However, Doug doesn't want to leave his house and his life in Queens.

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The King of Queens Season 9

# Title Air Date
The King of Queens
9:1 Mama Cast Dec 6, 2006
9:2 Affair Trade Dec 6, 2006
9:3 Moxie Moron Dec 13, 2006
9:4 Major Disturbance Dec 13, 2006
9:5 Ruff Goin' Dec 20, 2006
9:6 Brace Yourself Jan 3, 2007
9:7 Home Cheapo Apr 9, 2007
9:8 Offensive Fowl Apr 16, 2007
9:9 Mild Bunch Apr 23, 2007
9:10 Manhattan Project Apr 30, 2007
9:11 Single Spaced May 7, 2007
9:12 China Syndrome May 14, 2007

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