Doug, having discovered that Carrie did not get rid of her apartment in the city, tells her he wants a divorce. Carrie wants to stay together, and plans to go to China to pick up their adopted child. Also, Arthur's bride leaves him just before the wedding, so he instead marries his second choice, Spence's mother. Nicole Sullivan returns as a pregnant, single Holly. Doug and Carrie race to China, each attempting to claim their baby before the other. Finding themselves on the same plane, they resolve their dispute and pick up their baby together. Carrie finds out after adopting that she is pregnant. The show ends one year later with Doug and Carrie, and their two kids, and Arthur moving back in after a falling out with newlywed wife. The series ends with a montage of clips from the past seasons.

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The King of Queens Season 9

# Title Air Date
The King of Queens
9:1 Mama Cast Dec 6, 2006
9:2 Affair Trade Dec 6, 2006
9:3 Moxie Moron Dec 13, 2006
9:4 Major Disturbance Dec 13, 2006
9:5 Ruff Goin' Dec 20, 2006
9:6 Brace Yourself Jan 3, 2007
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9:8 Offensive Fowl Apr 16, 2007
9:9 Mild Bunch Apr 23, 2007
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9:12 China Syndrome May 14, 2007

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