Nick and Hank investigate the murder of a man, Lenny, who can only be described as a complete jerk. They interview Lenny's girlfriend, Natalie (Amanda Walsh), and two of his neighbors, Mason and Marty. Nick discovers that Marty is a Mausehertz and Mason is a Lausenschlange. Juliet becomes worried when she sees people taking pictures of her and Nick's house. Monroe warns Nick that having a Lausenschlange and a Mausehertz together would be a bad thing. He also says that Mausehertz never do anything noteworthy. After the murder of a mechanic, the police begin to think that Marty is the killer because his car was worked on recently by the mechanic. Monroe goes to fix a clock in town and is attacked by Reapers. Marty goes to Mason and tells him to leave Natalie alone, resulting in a fight that kills Mason. Nick and Hank go to Marty's apartment and discover Marty's dead father. Marty and Natalie go to a restaurant and after Marty starts a fight, he takes Natalie to his junk shop where he is arrested for murder by Nick and Hank. Nick talks to Monroe about who attacked him and Monroe says he will continue to help no matter what.

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Grimm Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Oct 28, 2011
1:2 Bears Will Be Bears Nov 4, 2011
1:3 Beeware Nov 11, 2011
1:4 Lonelyhearts Nov 18, 2011
1:5 Danse Macabre Dec 8, 2011
1:6 The Three Bad Wolves Dec 9, 2011
1:7 Let Your Hair Down Dec 16, 2011
1:8 Game Ogre Jan 13, 2012
1:9 Of Mouse and Man Jan 20, 2012
1:10 Organ Grinder Feb 3, 2012
1:11 Tarantella Feb 10, 2012
1:12 Last Grimm Standing Feb 24, 2012
1:13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau Mar 2, 2012
1:14 Plumed Serpent Mar 9, 2012
1:15 Island of Dreams Mar 30, 2012
1:16 The Thing with Feathers Apr 6, 2012
1:17 Love Sick Apr 13, 2012
1:18 Cat and Mouse Apr 20, 2012
1:19 Leave It to Beavers Apr 27, 2012
1:20 Happily Ever Aftermath May 4, 2012