Nick and Hank are called to a suspected arson case, meeting Hap (Brad William Henke), the owner of the burned home. A recent murder victim was a friend of Hap's, making Nick and Hank believe this was an attempt on Hap's life. Noticing he is a Blutbaden, Nick takes Hap to Monroe, thinking this the best course of action, when it is learned that Monroe and Hap are old acquaintances. The police run a trace on the tracks left at the scene of the arson and find they are from a motorcycle owned by Hap's sister, Angelena (Jaime Ray Newman), who is a former romantic interest of Monroe. Monroe and Angelena plan to stay and guard Hap at Monroe's house, but end up going out into the woods and allowing their Blutbad instincts to take over. Meanwhile, Nick investigates Holly's house and is attacked by a creature. During the night, Hap is murdered by a pig-like creature, later revealed as a Bauerschwein; the Bauerschwein have had a long standing feud with the Bludbaden. Angelena finds out the killer is a cop. Nick confronts Orson, the arson investigator, and confirms him to be the killer. Angelena killed Orson's brothers, and he is getting revenge by attcking her family. Orson goes to Monroe's house and confronts him with a shotgun. Monroe tells Orson he has no intention of fighting him. Orson wants Monroe to deliver a message to Angelena that the feud will end with him and her. Nick goes to Orson's house to talk to him about the murders, while he is there Angelena attacks Orson and Nick helps to fend her off. Orson shoots her but she escapes from the house. Orson is arrested and is taken to jail by Nick. The episode ends with Angelena leaving a framed picture from her house on Monroe's porch, but disappearing before he can come out and see her.

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Grimm Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Oct 28, 2011
1:2 Bears Will Be Bears Nov 4, 2011
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1:4 Lonelyhearts Nov 18, 2011
1:5 Danse Macabre Dec 8, 2011
1:6 The Three Bad Wolves Dec 9, 2011
1:7 Let Your Hair Down Dec 16, 2011
1:8 Game Ogre Jan 13, 2012
1:9 Of Mouse and Man Jan 20, 2012
1:10 Organ Grinder Feb 3, 2012
1:11 Tarantella Feb 10, 2012
1:12 Last Grimm Standing Feb 24, 2012
1:13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau Mar 2, 2012
1:14 Plumed Serpent Mar 9, 2012
1:15 Island of Dreams Mar 30, 2012
1:16 The Thing with Feathers Apr 6, 2012
1:17 Love Sick Apr 13, 2012
1:18 Cat and Mouse Apr 20, 2012
1:19 Leave It to Beavers Apr 27, 2012
1:20 Happily Ever Aftermath May 4, 2012