After being cleared as a suspect in the death of Martin Moxon, Mitch is released from jail and immediately finds himself thrown into a new case against a large pharmaceutical company. During a free moment, Mitch visits Sarah Holt in jail, but she refuses to answer any of his questions. Elsewhere, Ray uncovers a clue about Mitch's pursuer on the day of Moxon's death, and Tammy and Abby investigate a mysterious list Moxon left behind.

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The Firm Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Firm
1:1 Chapter One Jan 8, 2012
1:2 Chapter Two Jan 8, 2012
1:3 Chapter Three Jan 12, 2012
1:4 Chapter Four Jan 19, 2012
1:5 Chapter Five Jan 26, 2012
1:6 Chapter Six Feb 2, 2012
1:7 Chapter Seven Feb 18, 2012
1:8 Chapter Eight Feb 25, 2012
1:9 Chapter Nine Mar 3, 2012

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