Maggie tells Ted why she has reservations about him marrying Amanda after she tells Ted about her encounter with her. When Ted later confronts Amanda, she tells him that she feels more comfortable around women and asks for an open marriage. Dean pines for Colette, who reveals she's asked for a transfer to the Hong Kong hub. On a flight to Rome, Colette befriends a handsome, mysterious man named Omar and agrees to show him around the city. Meanwhile, Dean is accosted by local customs officials, who are looking for a smuggler. Dean points out Omar, who turns out to be a runaway prince from Wahran. Kate needs to learn how to pickpocket for her next mission – stealing a microfilm from a diplomat. Laura is shocked to discover that the Life magazine photographer, Graham, sold the nude photos he took of her to a gallery, where they are on display and are eventually bought by Andy Warhol, who is interested in meeting Laura. In the end, everyone's lives are interrupted when they learn about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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