After his night with Bridget, which he calls a mistake, Dean is summoned to New York and informed that he will pilot the first flight to Moscow. However, when Captain George Broyles (Darren Pettie) assumes charge during Dean's brief to the crew, Dean comes to resent him. On the flight, Bridget, who has returned to work, tells Colette she will respect Dean's decision about who he wants to be with. Prior to the flight, Richard asks Kate to check on a double agent the CIA has lost contact with and ensure she is alive with her cover intact. Upon landing, Bridget, Colette, Laura, and Kate go out sightseeing, but KGB agents interpret Laura's photography as an espionage attempt and detain her and Bridget for interrogation. The crew's Soviet hosts cancel the trip and insist they return to the United States, leaving Laura and Bridget behind. Kate, however, discovers that Captain Broyles smuggles liquor into the Soviet Union, and asks him to bribe an influential Kremlin official (whom she contacts via the double agent) to free Laura and Bridget. Her plan works, and Laura and Bridget are freed. On the flight back to New York, Dean confesses his affair with Bridget to Colette; she is heartbroken, but Bridget looks hopeful about a reunion with Dean. Meanwhile, Maggie, who has more time off due to Bridget's return, agrees to be Congressman Rawlings' date at a party for his supporters, which include Ted and Amanda. Rawlings is bent on finding out who wrote the Village Voice article about him, but after Maggie insults one of his largest donors during a heated argument, he realizes she wrote the article and breaks up with her just as Ted proposes to Amanda and she accepts. Later, Amanda finds a sobbing Maggie and comforts her, but then completely surprises her by kissing her on the lips.

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Pan Am Season 1

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Pan Am
1:1 Pilot Sep 25, 2011
1:2 We'll Always Have Paris Oct 2, 2011
1:3 Ich Bin Ein Berliner Oct 9, 2011
1:4 Eastern Exposure Oct 16, 2011
1:5 One Coin in a Fountain Oct 23, 2011
1:6 The Genuine Article Oct 30, 2011
1:7 Truth or Dare Nov 6, 2011
1:8 Unscheduled Departure Nov 13, 2011
1:9 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Dec 4, 2011
1:10 Secrets and Lies Jan 8, 2012
1:11 Diplomatic Relations Jan 15, 2012
1:12 New Frontiers Jan 22, 2012
1:13 Romance Languages Feb 12, 2012
1:14 1964 Feb 19, 2012