After Ricky and Fred get upset about the girls' spending, Lucy and Ethel go to work in a candy factory while the boys do the housework.

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Family Guy:
Season:  10  / Episode:  15 
Burning Down the Bayit

This Television Episode refers to Job Switching part of I Love Lucy Season 2
Peter and Quagmire try to help Mort at the pharmacy by working in the back, filling prescription pill bottles that come down on a conveyor belt. When the belt speeds up, Peter and Quagmire try to keep up but can't, and start putting the pills in their mouths. This is a parody of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel work in a candy factory.

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I Love Lucy Season 2

# Title Air Date
I Love Lucy
2:1 Job Switching Sep 15, 1952
2:10 Lucy Is Enceinte Dec 8, 1952