Amanda breaks up with Jeremy saying that she needs to think about school and since he is going away soon, it is better for them not to be together. When she gets home, she admits to her mother that she fears she is pregnant, and that's the reason why she broke up with Jeremy. Amanda takes the pregnancy test, with her mother by her side, and finds out she is not pregnant. On the other hand, Joan finds out she is pregnant. Roland accepts a job a Northwestern University and is ready to move to Chicago. Right before Roland leaves, Joan tells him she is pregnant and she doesn't know what she is going to do yet. She tells Roland that he still should move to Chicago. The army post becomes threatened by a terrorist attack when the post realizes that someone has been stealing weapons. Now that the post is not safe, many of the soldiers are being deployed as soon as possible. Trevor, Frank, and Chase are some of the soldiers being deployed. While this is all happening, Marilyn decides to leave her husband secretly. When her husband finds out he physically assaults her and she runs away from him. Amanda is ready to leave for college and Claudia Joy is going to accompany her to the bus stop. Claudia Joy makes a pit stop at the local bar when Roxy and Denise stop by to mourn their husbands deployment. Roland also stops at the bar when he notices the girls' cars outside. Suddenly, Marilyn's husband walks into the bar with a bomb strapped to himself. When Amanda notices something wrong, she too walks into the bar.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Army Wives Season 1

# Title Air Date
Army Wives
1:1 A Tribe Is Born Jun 3, 2007
1:2 After Birth Jun 10, 2007
1:3 The Art of Separation Jun 17, 2007
1:4 One of Our Own Jun 24, 2007
1:5 Independence Day Jul 1, 2007
1:6 Who We Are Jul 8, 2007
1:7 Hail and Farewell Jul 15, 2007
1:8 Only the Lonely Jul 22, 2007
1:9 Nobody's Perfect Jul 29, 2007
1:10 Dirty Laundry Aug 5, 2007
1:11 Truth and Consequences Aug 12, 2007
1:12 Rules of Engagement Aug 19, 2007
1:13 Goodbye Stranger Aug 26, 2007


Season:  8  / Episode:  17 
Goodbye Stranger

Goodbye Stranger
performed by Supertramp

  • Date:
  • Type: Song