Sally has still not recovered from the exorcism and is looking ghastly. At the hospital, Aidan sees his long-lost-love Celine is at the hospital. When he finds her later, she tells him that she is going to die of lung cancer. Josh finds Nora who reveals possible complications to the pregnancy. This worries Josh, but he remains steadfast in his support for her. Aidan's memories of Celine are further shown, revealing her pressuring to become a vampire and Bishop's threatening visit, leading Aidan to want to take Celine on the run. Meanwhile, Sally visits Danny, using her ghostly powers to make him hurt himself, which brings her back to normal. In an effort to eliminate Sally, Danny attempts to burn the house down, but Sally uses her ghostly abilities to trap him there until Aidan and Josh get home. Josh puts out the fire and Aidan attacks Danny, both revealing that they can see Sally and that they are not human. Aidan prepares to kill Danny at Sally's beckoning, but Josh pleads with both that Sally should not have a life on her hands. Sally acquiesces but then appears to Danny, saying that she will make his life a living hell unless he admits the arson and her murder to the police. Later, Nora has an ultrasound, and the obstetrician reveals that the baby is healthy, but Nora is fourteen weeks pregnant rather than seven. Aidan goes to Celine, offering to turn her into a vampire now but she declines. Aidan also asks her why she was not home when he went to pick her up to take her out of Montreal, but she does not reveal to him that Bishop kidnapped her, raped her, drank her blood and threatened her family. Later that night, the group toasts to Josh's future as a father, and to Sally for finally getting Danny the punishment he deserves. Sally's door to the other side appears in the living room. She is apprehensive about moving on, not sure of what will be on the other side, and is about to open it when Bishop crashes through the house's front window and stakes Aidan.

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