Aidan and Bishop show The Dutch the blood den, where Bishop offers The Dutch each a woman to feed from, but The Dutch decide to suck all of them dry. Nora reveals she is pregnant with Josh's child; they argue because Josh appears unsure of her fidelity. At the house, Danny and Bridget visit with an exorcist, attempting to drive Sally out. The Dutch want Bishop to return with them after culling his family by two-thirds. Josh finally manages to talk with Nora, saying that he did not know if he could get anyone pregnant. Nora also agrees that she was not sure if she could get pregnant for the same real reasons. In a last-ditch effort, Sally possesses the exorcist, lashing out at Danny in the exorcist's body until he throws her against the wall, separating them. However, the exorcist has seen Sally's memories of her death and ends the ritual, saying that Danny deserves whatever Sally has in store for him. Bridget leaves Danny in the house, as an angry Sally stares at him with glassy eyes. Bishop holds a dinner for The Dutch. He reveals that he fed juniper to the women in the blood den, which causes paralysis in vampires. He beheads three of them, leaving Heggeman for last until Aidan tries to save him. He leaves the funeral home and Marcus attacks him in support of Bishop, but he is staked through the heart by Rebecca who helps Aidan and Heggeman escape. Heggeman warns Aidan that he must prepare for what is to come. Rebecca asks Aidan to kill her, as she knows the vampires will want revenge for Marcus' death. Aidan embraces her as he stakes her, putting her to rest.

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Mike Bassett: Manager:
Season:  1  / Episode:  2 
Going Dutch