Coffins bearing "The Dutch", thousand-year-old vampires from the Netherlands and living in Pennsylvania Dutch country, arrive in Boston. Upon awakening, they immediately begin imposing dicta concerning actions made by Bishop and the family. This evokes flashbacks from fifty years ago during the last time The Dutch were awake, chronicling Bishop's earlier fascinations and relationship with a human woman (and of Aidan's hectoring attitude that Bishop turn her). Josh is abducted by the vampires who reveal he is to serve as entertainment for The Dutch in the form of a werewolf dog fight to the death. While imprisoned, Josh learns more about werewolves from an old man, revealed to be the other werewolf he will fight. Unable to physically help him, Sally tries to provide emotional support. Aidan attempts to interfere but the fight still takes place. Despite the other werewolf's greater size and experience, Josh is able to emerge victorious. However, the knowledge that he killed another causes Josh a lot of emotional trauma. Instead of being imprisoned and being forced to continue to fight, Josh is released which Aidan reveals was a condition of him returning to Bishop and the family. That night, Bishop confides in Aidan his fears that his command of Boston is coming to an end and that The Dutch mean to kill him.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture


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Season:  1  / Episode:  7 
Dog Eat Dog

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Dog Eat Dog

Dog Eat Dog
performed by Adam and the Ants