Nora and Josh grow closer until Josh has a dream that he turns into a werewolf in front of her, which leads him to decide to scale back their relationship. The next day, Aidan watches Bernie being bullied from afar, until Bernie is hit by a car. At the old wing of the hospital, Sally finds a message from Nicholas Fenn, one of her teaching assistants from college on whom she had a crush and who has died. They begin to hang out, but Nick relives his drowning death every day. Rebecca turns Bernie for Aidan, thinking it will cheer him up but Aidan knows that children should not be made into vampires. Bernie believes he has superpowers now and plans on only using them to hurt bad people, but Aidan tells him he should not hurt any humans. Later, Aidan comes across a crime scene with the bullies killed and Bishop berates him for having turned a child, despite Aidan telling him it was Rebecca who turned Bernie. Sally tries to figure out a way to help Nick and realizes that she takes her boyfriends' problems onto herself, but Nick reassures her that now he has something good to come back to after the "echo". Aidan takes Bernie to the woods to stalk a deer; he uses this excuse to stake the boy. Meanwhile, Bishop thanks Marcus for killing the two bullies so that Aidan would kill Bernie. Elsewhere, Josh tries to tell Nora he is distancing himself from loved ones due to his condition. She reveals that one of her ex-boyfriends horribly burned her, and Josh promises that he will not let that happen to her again.

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