At the hospital, Aidan shows Sally the old wing that is haunted by ghosts who have not been able to move on. Later that day, Aidan befriends a ten-year-old boy named Bernie who lives across the street from them. Nora invites Josh over to her place, but that evening Josh realizes that it is one day away from the full moon. Sally convinces him to go out, and he does until he realizes he is growling when they get intimate and he leaves. The next day, as Aidan continues to watch over Bernie, Rebecca notices them and notes that Aidan must have been a father at some point. That night, Josh prepares to lock himself up in the hospital basement until Nora confronts him. The two have sex in the hospital. While back at the house, Aidan tells Bernie to get some Three Stooges DVDs from his room. Once Josh realizes that he has very little time left until the moon rise, he rushes home and transforms in the house, with Sally watching out of curiosity. The next day, as they clean up the mess from the wolf rampaging through the house, Bernie's mother Cindy confronts Aidan as Bernie had accidentally taken the DVD of Rebecca having sex with and then killing a man, believing him to be a pedophile, even though Bernie admits he took it by mistake, and tells Aidan to never speak to Bernie again. Josh reconciles with Nora; Aidan regrets losing the one thing reminding him of his long-dead son; Sally adds a message to the wall of the old hospital wing.

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