After Aidan realizes that Marcus is the one who attacked Emily, he tells Josh to leave town. Josh and Emily return to their family home in Ithaca, New York, where he learns that his parents separated after he left. When their father, a psychologist, comes home, he confronts Josh about his lycanthropy, which he believes is a case clinical lycanthropy. Back in Boston, Aidan confronts Bishop about Marcus' actions, but Bishop only says that it is how a werewolf would be treated after one attacks a vampire. Josh tries to explain to his father that he is not suffering from a psychosis when Aidan drops by to try to help things, only for the garlic in Josh's mother's cooking to cause his vampire attributes to surface. Marcus arrives at the house and Josh locks him out. Aidan attacks Marcus, but Marcus leaves of his own accord. Josh admits to his family the truth about being a werewolf and later talks with Aidan about revealing the truth to loved ones, deciding he will stay at home. Meanwhile, Sally tries to haunt Danny, but he taunts her, saying her tactics are not scaring him. Sally eventually gets through to Bridget, telling her that Danny killed her. Bridget confronts Danny about what Sally told her and he lies, saying that the death was an accident, causing Bridget to announce to Sally that she will no longer acknowledge her. Aidan meets with Bishop to talk about Marcus and sees several vampires meeting, telling them all that they must work to keep their weaknesses (Aidan) and mistakes (Marcus) in check to be stronger. Aidan returns to the house where Sally is upset about her failure to affect Danny, just as Josh comes in the door, having decided not to live with his family.

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