Danny throws away Sally's engagement ring and it finds its way back to her, and she discovers it is an object that she can hold. Aidan is sent a DVD of Rebecca having sex with and then killing another man. Josh asks Nora out on a date, just as his sister Emily comes to him - she has broken up with her girlfriend Jackie and needs somewhere to stay. Aidan confronts Marcus and Rebecca about the DVD, but denies that he has feelings for her. Sally uses the ring to get revenge on Danny, but it only makes Danny hurt Bridget. Josh makes dinner for Nora, after getting Aidan, Sally, and Emily out of the house. At a bar, Aidan meets up with Rebecca who is there to get to him at Marcus' behest. Also at the bar, Sally meets another ghost who died from an aneurysm who uses mental poltergeist abilities to drive her ex-husband insane, but does not wish to move on, making Sally upset at how she has been treating Danny. Josh and Nora become intimate until Bridget comes by, returning Sally's ring after Danny hurt her. Rebecca continues to tempt Aidan, but Aidan resists, telling her that he has to make sure Emily gets home. Back at the house, Nora gets ready to leave for the night, but Emily comes home after she was attacked by Marcus at the bar, and the two take her to the hospital, leaving Sally in the house to tell Aidan what has happened.

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