Aidan sets up a Neighborhood Watch to integrate himself and Josh into the neighborhood, as a vandal is tagging various buildings in the area. However, Mike Garrity (Paul Hopkins), the police officer he gets for the meeting, happens to be the son of one of his murder victims who believes that Aidan is indeed a vampire. Aidan has Tony DePaulo (Dan Jeannotte), another ghost who died in 1987, help Sally learn more about her ghostly abilities, such as leaving the house, in an attempt to get Sally to move on. But Sally only wants to be with Danny, causing Tony to go back to his one true love in life and moving on himself. Josh discovers that using the room in the hospital's basement will not suffice when he catches the vandal and nearly chokes him to death. After Garrity attacks Aidan and discovers that he is a vampire, Aidan uses his mental abilities to remove himself from the police officer's memories, but inadvertently causes him to commit suicide.

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