Aidan approaches the old woman he has been paying for her blood, but she says she can no longer give any blood but offers her daughter instead for him later. At the hospital, Josh is approached by Brynn, another werewolf, who needs him to break her twin brother Connor out before the next full moon. Sally tries to help Zoe flirt with the new surgeon, Dr. Tim Forrest, to no avail, and Zoe invites her to come to the support group she holds for ghosts. Aidan goes back to drink from the old woman's daughter, but when he discovers that she is a young child, he is revolted and runs off. He is called in by Suren to consult with a proposed addition to their group: a local mobster. Aidan believes he will not be an asset, despite Suren's insistence after the mobster brings them one of Bishop's orphans. Josh is approached by Brynn and Connor who take him out to a club, revealing that they are purebred werewolves, rather than having been turned. When Josh mentions he is seeking out a cure, it piques Connor's interest, and later when he mentions he is trying to find the biological switch that initiates the transformation to turn it off, Connor and Brynn reveal that they want to become the wolf permanently. Josh is appalled at their wishes, but with their funding he may be able to solve the problem, and asks Nora to come meet them. At Zoe's support group, Sally meets up again with Nick, at which Zoe is surprised that they know each other. After accepting what seems like a date, she talks with Zoe the following day who reveals that she is seeing Nick intimately. Nick later confirms this, and his newfound ability to avoid reliving his death day after day after meeting Zoe, which leaves Sally heartbroken. Later, while idly watching Dr. Forrest and his girlfriend Janet being intimate, Sally takes the opportunity to possess Janet so she can feel a loving embrace. While mulling over the mobster's inclusion as a vampire, Aidan has flashbacks to 1930 when his protege Henry started to want more out of his immortal life, specifically what Suren would give them. When Aidan turned down Suren's advances, Henry took up the offer and became Suren's lover. In the present, he tells Suren that he has made up his mind and will turn the mobster. As he begins drinking the mobster's blood, he has another flashback before he starts draining the mobster dry. He proclaims that this time he will have Suren, who begins feeding on the mobster before the two vampires make love to each other.

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