When Josh rents storage rooms for himself and Nora to safely "wolf out" in, Nora is far from thrilled. While they argue over it, with Nora revealing she remembers killing Heggeman, Sally, watching from a few feet away, is distracted by a dark, shadowy figure lurking in the distance before it vanishes suddenly. Meanwhile, Aidan and Julia enjoy a lovely morning together, except for the fact that Aidan almost bites her, instead taking out his urges with a blood pack. At the hospital, Josh and Sally confront Aidan about his whereabouts, and he finally admits to seeing someone he likes. Josh expresses concern but Aidan convinces him that he is fine as long as he has plenty of bagged blood to drink-which might become a problem since the hospital has started locking up their blood supplies. The nursery catches Sally's attention and she accidentally discovers nurse Zoe Gonzales, a human who can not only see and talk to ghosts but also helps them merge with babies to be reincarnated. Later that night, Josh and Aidan enjoy a brief if awkward moment of male bonding about sexual conquest but the good feelings are short lived. The next morning, they discover that the woman Aidan is seeing is Josh's former fiance. After a painful reunion (of sorts) between Josh and Julia, tensions are high all around. Josh is angry with Aidan, who likes Julia but can no longer act on it, Nora is angry with Josh and jealous of Julia, and Julia hates Josh for leaving her. Later, Aidan approaches Julia and breaks off the relationship, both because of tensions with Josh and his inability to stop himself from feeding on her. When Sally sees Zoe helping a ghost merge with a newborn baby to become reincarnated, she makes it her goal to become reincarnated, too. After having a heart to heart with Zoe, Sally convinces her to come to the house and interview her "roommates" Aidan and Josh. Aidan and Josh pretend to be humans who can see ghosts and try to give Zoe a good impression of Sally, but Zoe passes on reincarnating her when they reveal Sally nearly killed Danny. Sally tries to jump into a baby herself, but has to stop when the dark spirit that has been following her around attacks her. She realizes that if she does jump into a baby, the spirit will kill her. Thankfully, Zoe offers Sally help in fending off the evil spirit. Without access to the hospital's blood bank, Aidan is falling deeper and deeper into despair and sickness. He cannot stop sweating, he is weak, pale and, most of all, he is hungry. Finally, he gives in and goes to a woman who lets vampires feed off her for money and he drinks his fill. Josh and Sally are not sure that Nora is going to show up for their full moon lockdown, and they are almost right. Nora spends her day stalking Julia with the intention of hurting her. Realizing she is a danger to others, Nora shows up for Sally to lock both she and Josh up before the full moon. After a few minutes, Josh and Nora's wolf forms dent the storage rooms' doors.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

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2:2 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? Jan 23, 2012
2:3 All Out of Blood Jan 30, 2012
2:4 (I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons Feb 6, 2012
2:5 Addicted to Love Feb 13, 2012
2:6 Mama Said There's Be Decades Like This Feb 20, 2012
2:7 The Ties That Blind Feb 27, 2012
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2:9 When I Think About You I Shred Myself Mar 12, 2012
2:10 Dream Reaper Mar 19, 2012
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