Josh looks at Heggeman who has him in his sights when Nora, fully transformed, attacks Heggeman and kills him. Aidan digs up Suren, Mother's daughter, and brings her to the Halloway Hotel so she can feed on willing people so she may regain her strength. Sally, horrified at the actual sensation she had in her nightmare, seeks solace with Stevie and his friends Dylan and "Boner", who Josh and Nora meet when they get home. Josh reveals to Aidan that Nora has killed Heggeman. Nora tries to clear her head as Sally reveals to Stevie she physically felt something when she opened the Door in her dream. Aidan attempts to help Suren take her place as Boston's head vampire by suggesting that they install a new vampire police officer as their assistant, but she has other plans, having chosen the still human police officer Cecilia to pick a new subject rather than one of Bishop's sires. Suren tries to get Aidan to turn her, but he refuses. Josh tries to console Nora at work when he is reminded that he has to attend the first-year med student mixer. Josh later manages to convince her to go, where she gets drunk to take solace in the fact that she is now a werewolf and that she has miscarried her and Josh's child. Dylan convinces Sally to go to a party to "Rage", where Sally discovers that ghosts can take over living people's bodies if they are willing or in a weaker state of mind. Sally relishes in the fact that she can eat, drink, and feel things, again, until Dylan tries to make a move on her in their stolen bodies. Sally refuses and Stevie pulls them out of their bodies to help her, before causing Dylan to disintegrate entirely. Josh decides to drop out of medical school, and try to find a cure for his and Nora's condition instead. Aidan discovers Suren has turned Cecilia, and she tells him he will do everything to make her the best so he can be free of Mother. Sally fears that she now knows that ghosts can permanently destroy each other, but Nora convinces her that it is better to know what one is capable of, with her remembering that she did kill Heggeman as the wolf.

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Being Human Season 2

# Title Air Date
Being Human
2:1 Turn This Mother Out Jan 16, 2012
2:2 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? Jan 23, 2012
2:3 All Out of Blood Jan 30, 2012
2:4 (I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons Feb 6, 2012
2:5 Addicted to Love Feb 13, 2012
2:6 Mama Said There's Be Decades Like This Feb 20, 2012
2:7 The Ties That Blind Feb 27, 2012
2:8 I've Got You Under My Skin Mar 5, 2012
2:9 When I Think About You I Shred Myself Mar 12, 2012
2:10 Dream Reaper Mar 19, 2012
2:11 Don't Fear the Scott Mar 26, 2012
2:12 Partial Eclipse of the Heart Apr 2, 2012
2:13 It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To Apr 9, 2012

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
performed by Culture Club

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