Annie, George and Tom go back to their B&B home in Barry Island, but all is not well. Mitchell is gone, having willingly fallen victim to the wolf-shaped bullet, Nina has been killed in a vampire attack and the gang now has to take care of a baby, one whose werewolf heritage appears to have attracted the attention of vampire overlords known as the Old Ones. At the end of this episode, George dies, leaving his infant daughter Eve orphaned, and in Tom and Annie's custody.

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Being Human (UK) Season 4

# Title Air Date
Being Human (UK)
4:1 Eve of the War Feb 5, 2012
4:2 Being Human 1955 Feb 12, 2012
4:3 The Graveyard Shift Feb 19, 2012
4:4 A Spectre Calls Feb 26, 2012
4:5 Hold the Front Page Mar 4, 2012
4:6 Puppy Love Mar 11, 2012
4:7 Making History Mar 18, 2012
4:8 The War Child Mar 25, 2012

The Eve of War
performed by Jeff Wayne