Kirby, a ghost from the 1970s, arrives at Honolulu Heights. He claims to have been a former nursery school teacher, sent from the afterlife by Nina in order to help them all look after Eve. Apparently friendly and eager to please, he immediately begins sowing dissension in the group, manipulating them into distrusting each other and insinuating himself into Annie's affection. When a doctor is called to check up on Eve and becomes suspicious, Kirby follows him to his car and kills him by stopping his heart. Kirby's machinations succeed in breaking up the household, with an enraged Tom leaving of his own accord, and Hal (framed as a threat to Eve) subsequently ordered to leave by Annie. Now left as Annie's only support, Kirby brutally mocks and taunts her, revealing both his hidden contempt for her and his true identity: a serial killer who wormed his way into families and eventually murdered them. This, on top of the breakup of her household, causes Annie to dissipate, and it's then revealed that Kirby has in fact been sent by "The Woman" in order to kill Eve. Discovering Kirby's treachery, Tom and Hal return to the house to stop him, resulting in a Mexican standoff. This is broken by the return of a vengeful Annie (re-empowered by the restoration of the household) who kills and dissipates Kirby. The reunited Honolulu Heights "family" celebrates Tom's birthday. However, when alone, Hal reveals that he has a burn on his arm, suggesting that he is Eve's "Nemesis" as revealed to Annie by Regus in the previous episode.

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