Annie remains trapped in "purgatory," where she believes she may be sent to hell soon. With the help of Nina and George, who have taken jobs at a nearby hospital, Mitchell crosses over to "the other side" after a patient dies. He encounters Lia, a young woman who helps guide him through purgatory. But when Mitchell begins encountering disturbing, guilt-inducing situations from his own past, he realizes Lia's motives in helping him may not be pure. Meanwhile, George encounters Tom McNair (Michael Socha), a young man in the woods making the area safe for his werewolf transformation. Tom flees, George gets arrested by the police, and Nina must rescue him before they both begin their monthly transformation. Meanwhile, the audience learns that local vampires have imprisoned Thomas' father (Robson Green) and have put him in a cage match with an ordinary human for fun. By the episode's end, Mitchell is confronted with the horror of his past and a prophecy about his death by a "wolf-shaped bullet."

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