Tom discovers the injured Nina with the corpses of Reid and the massacred policemen at the Honolulu Heights House. Receiving a message from Lia, Annie returns to "the other side" and learns that the "wolf-shaped bullet" prophecy was a ruse intended merely as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mitchell is rescued by Herrick, who massacres more policemen. Herrick puts Mitchell in a cage with George, who blames Mitchell when Herrick claims to have killed Nina. An angry Tom (ignoring McNair's written plea not to seek revenge) interferes with Herrick's plan and Mitchell and George are freed. George and Tom learn Nina has survived. Annie convinces Lia to stop seeking revenge. Mitchell tries to reason with Herrick, but then kills him with a stake when Herrick proves too power-hungry. One of the "old ones," Edgar Wyndam (Lee Ingleby), frames a man named Jason Healey for the Box Tunnel murders. Annie reads about his arrest in a tabloid. Mitchell, believing it is inevitable that he will kill again, urges George to kill him. George is initially very reluctant, but is preparing to kill his friend when Wyndam intervenes, promising a vampire uprising. To save Mitchell from being a pawn in Wyndam's plans, George kills Mitchell.

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Being Human (UK) Season 3

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Being Human (UK)
3:1 Lia Jan 23, 2011
3:2 Adam's Family Jan 30, 2011
3:3 Type 4 Feb 6, 2011
3:4 The Pack Feb 13, 2011
3:5 The Longest Day Feb 20, 2011
3:6 Daddy Ghoul Feb 27, 2011
3:7 Though the Heavens Fall Mar 6, 2011
3:8 The Wolf-Shaped Bullet Mar 13, 2011