In the cold open, the audience learns that Herrick kidnapped McNair 20 years earlier and put him against a werewolf in werewolf-human cage match. McNair won, but became a werewolf. In the present day, DC Nancy Reid's suspicions about Mitchell's involvement in the Box Tunnel murders grow. An injured McNair and his son return to Honolulu Heights. Herrick struggles with his inner demons and emerging vampirism. Mitchell is increasingly desperate to learn the secret of resurrection, Annie learns the truth about the Box Tunnel massacre, and DC Cooper (Justin Salinger) reveals his own secret to DC Reid. Both McNair and Reid set a trap for Mitchell, but in the end Herrick has the upper hand. McNair is killed when he attempts to kill Herrick, whose memories are restored after he drinks from DC Reid. Meanwhile, Mitchell is arrested and police attempt to take his photograph. Fully returned to his old self and bent on vengeance, Herrick steals a police uniform in order to infiltrate and take advantage. Before leaving the house, he attacks and stabs Nina, leaving her for dead.

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Being Human (UK) Season 3

# Title Air Date
Being Human (UK)
3:1 Lia Jan 23, 2011
3:2 Adam's Family Jan 30, 2011
3:3 Type 4 Feb 6, 2011
3:4 The Pack Feb 13, 2011
3:5 The Longest Day Feb 20, 2011
3:6 Daddy Ghoul Feb 27, 2011
3:7 Though the Heavens Fall Mar 6, 2011
3:8 The Wolf-Shaped Bullet Mar 13, 2011