George discovers resurrected vampire William Herrick (Jason Watkins) as a confused and gentle amnesiac in his hospital's psychiatric ward Herrick had been resurrected by two other vampires, Cara (Rebecca Cooper) and Daisy (Amy Manson), at the very end of Series 2, with the consequences not seen until now. To prevent Herrick from being discovered, George and Nina kidnap him from the hospital and take him to their home. Mitchell tries to kill him (with George's eventual agreement) but Nina stops him. She becomes disturbed that George has agreed that Herrick must die. Meanwhile, it is unclear as to precisely how much of his previous life Herrick remembers, which raises the question of whether he can still be condemned as evil. The house is visited by a frazzled social worker (Nicola Walker) with an addiction to energy drinks and a nicotine inhaler. Cara arrives on the trail of Herrick, asking Mitchell's help in finding him: Mitchell agrees, but demands that Cara tell him the secret to vampiric resurrection so that he won't die from the "werewolf-shaped bullet." However, Herrick cruelly rejects Cara, who commits suicide. As the stress of his impending death wears on Mitchell, his relationship with Annie deteriorates drastically. While George and Nina believe Herrick is no longer evil, Annie disagrees, having had a confrontation with him in which his crueller side appears to show. Both George and Nina have difficult confrontations with Mitchell, and Mitchell and Annie reconcile. Herrick discovers a horrible secret. While his precise state of mind is still unclear, he is clearly still manipulative enough to persuade Nina to cover that secret up - at least from her friends.

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The Longest Day

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The Longest Day
performed by Anesthesia