Annie and Mitchell struggle with how to consummate the physical side of their new love affair, which leads to a threesome with a drunk woman that almost goes terribly wrong. They realise their relationship must remain spiritual. Worried about Nina's pregnancy, Nina and George seek out McNair (Robson Green) for advice. His son, Tom (Michael Socha), becomes infatuated with Nina, and the McNairs enter the Honolulu Heights B&B at night. They're caught by Mitchell, and Tom is injured. Nina convinces McNair that Tom must have medical care, and McNair agrees to stay in the house for 48 hours. McNair says Tom was born a werewolf and that vampires killed his wife. But Nina suspects McNair is lying to his son, and soon Tom learns the truth about who he is. Discovering that the McNairs are vampire-hunters (and McNair might be the "werewolf-shaped bullet"), Mitchell turns McNair over to Richard Hargreaves (Mark Lewis Jones) for imprisonment in a cage-fighting scheme (the "dog fights" last seen in Episode 1 of Series 3). But Hargreaves kidnaps George, Nina, and Tom instead in vengeance for George and Nina's previous actions, and Mitchell and McNair must try to save them. In the episode's final moments, William Herrick (who was resurrected in the final moments of Series 2, Episode 8) reappears.

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