With the help of Greg Norbert, Marty and the Pod fight to pull off an eleventh-hour reprieve and stop the MetroCapital acquisition from happening. In the end, they manage to do so by Jeannie leading a class-action lawsuit of lots of women at the firm against the Rainmaker, who had sexual relationships with them all promising them to become partners. Jeannie decides to tell Wes that she's not ready to marry him; he responds by deeply insulting her and cancelling their engagement. Meanwhile, Marty's son Roscoe makes a life-altering choice of his own: he decides to move to in with his mother Monica after Marty fails to keep his promise to help him with a school presentation. Marty and Jeannie get extremely drunk, just staring at each other.

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House of Lies Season 1

# Title Air Date
House of Lies
1:1 Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments Jan 8, 2012
1:2 Amsterdam Jan 15, 2012
1:3 Microphallus Jan 22, 2012
1:4 Mini-Mogul Jan 29, 2012
1:5 Utah Feb 5, 2012
1:6 Our Descent Into Los Angeles Feb 12, 2012
1:7 Bareback Town Feb 19, 2012
1:8 Veritas Mar 4, 2012
1:9 Ouroboros Mar 11, 2012
1:10 Prologue and Aftermath Mar 18, 2012
1:11 Business Mar 25, 2012
1:12 The Mayan Apocalypse Apr 1, 2012