Clea continues to force Martin to return Jake to the institution, which he gives in and does despite his new-found communication with Jake. However, Jake then leads Martin to a pawn shop owner named Arnie (Jude Ciccolella). Moments later a robber comes in and shoots Arnie, and although Arnie survives he does not look pleased that he did. Jake escapes the institution to help Martin piece things together; at the same time a flight attendant (Amy Sloan) helps a young Indian man carry his father's ashes to the New York Stadium; a Russian boy realizes that the reason he may have no friends is because his father hurts people; Arnie attempts to commit suicide as he is suffering from terminal cancer and fears that he has no one to love him. In the end, the Russian boy's father was the employer of the robber of the pawn shop, who gives him a second chance in life. The flight attendant was Arnie's daughter, who arrives abruptly and agrees to stand by him. The young Indian man finds an entrance to the stadium and spreads his father's ashes in the center of the field in hopes of finally making his father proud.

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Touch Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Jan 25, 2012
1:2 1+1=3 Mar 22, 2012
1:3 Safety in Numbers Mar 29, 2012
1:4 Kite Strings Apr 5, 2012
1:5 Entanglement Apr 12, 2012
1:6 Lost and Found Apr 19, 2012
1:7 Noosphere Rising Apr 26, 2012
1:8 Zone of Exclusion May 3, 2012
1:9 Music of the Spheres May 10, 2012
1:10 Tessellations May 17, 2012
1:11 Gyre (Part 1) May 31, 2012
1:12 Gyre (Part 2) May 31, 2012