The Jeffersonian's Dr. Jack Hodgins ropes Walter into searching for an 'Alien' Spacecraft that was seen and videoed by a pilot of an incoming Space Shuttle who is now dead (due to him not keeping quiet), thereby getting the other pilot, Col. Bradshaw's life back after he was discredited by a shadowy government agency. But all is not as it seems and Walter's life, family and friends face a very real threat from a woman code named 'Pope' (guest star Peta Wilson). Meanwhile Willa and Timo attempt to get their marriage arrangement dissolved by the notorious Uncle Shad. (guest star Eric Roberts)

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The Finder Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Finder
1:1 An Orphan Walks Into a Bar Jan 12, 2012
1:2 Bullets Jan 19, 2012
1:3 A Cinderella Story Jan 26, 2012
1:4 Swing and a Miss Feb 2, 2012
1:5 The Great Escape Feb 9, 2012
1:6 Little Green Men Feb 23, 2012
1:7 Eye of the Storm Mar 8, 2012
1:8 Life After Death Apr 6, 2012
1:9 The Last Meal Apr 13, 2012
1:10 The Conversation Apr 20, 2012


The X-Files:
Season:  2  / Episode:  1 
Little Green Men


Little Green Men
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