June moves to New York City, but when the company she was going to work at goes under, she gets a job at a coffee shop with her would-be boss Mark. She moves into Apartment 23 with the cunning Chloe, who is friends with ex-boyfriend and actor James Van Der Beek, and lives across the street from the perverted Eli who masturbates to June. Their neighbor Robin warns June to not "trust the bitch in Apartment 23," which turns out to be good advice, as Chloe tries to scam June out of her money. June retaliates by selling all of Chloe's stuff, but then has to get her ottoman back (because it has energy pills sewed into it). Chloe then proves to June that her fiancee was cheating on her by getting him to almost hook up with her. June is sad, but she and June bond over it, and discover the beginning of an unusual friendship.

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Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 Season 1

# Title Air Date
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
1:1 Pilot Apr 11, 2012
1:2 Daddy's Girl... Apr 18, 2012
1:3 Parent Trap... Apr 25, 2012
1:4 The Wedding... May 2, 2012
1:5 Making Rent... May 9, 2012
1:6 It's Just Sex... May 16, 2012
1:7 Shitagi Nashi... May 23, 2012

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