Megan has second thoughts on her career path after the success with Heinz but finds it difficult to tell Don. Peggy, unwittingly caught between the two when Megan's lie comes to light, finally lets her frustrations be known to both Megan and Don. Pete finds that his increasing success at the firm does not fill the emptiness of his life. After a chance encounter one evening with a neighbor, he becomes obsessed with wanting to repeat the experience. Don returns to creative work full throttle, only to find the cultural changes of the 1960s have left him behind.

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Mad Men Season 5

# Title Air Date
Mad Men
5:1 A Little Kiss Mar 25, 2012
5:2 A Little Kiss (Part 2) Mar 25, 2012
5:3 Tea Leaves Apr 1, 2012
5:4 Mystery Date Apr 8, 2012
5:5 Signal 30 Apr 15, 2012
5:6 Far Away Places Apr 22, 2012
5:7 At the Codfish Ball Apr 29, 2012
5:8 Lady Lazarus May 6, 2012
5:9 Dark Shadows May 13, 2012
5:10 Christmas Waltz May 20, 2012
5:11 The Other Woman May 27, 2012
5:12 Commissions and Fees Jun 3, 2012
5:13 The Phantom Jun 10, 2012

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